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Since we want health, beauty, reasonable pricing and well-being to be accessible to as many people as possible, we are committed to offering you a wide choice of pharmaceutical products at very attractive prices. Our pharmacy is committed to offering you all of its products at the best price, but not overly cheap, because one should know take chances with health.

To offer you products throughout the year from the biggest drugstore brands at low prices, Canadian Health and Care Mall also has a policy of cutting its margins to provide a pleasant and efficient service. In this case, one cannot but wonder if there is a beneficial and smart way to purchase medicines and at the same time put this process in good use. Thus, we suggest you to get an insight into our website, products and services offered, and first of all, the benefits of being a customer of our online drug store.

Proven Track Record Over 15 Years

Canadian Health&Care Mall was founded in 1998 to provide you with top-grade medicinal products. Being aware of the fact that the world is constantly evolving, our company has decided to launch its website in 2005. We enswure sale and delivery of medicines not subject to compulsory prescription as well as other pharmaceutical products. Our online pharmacy puts thousands of products at your disposal: non-prescription drugs, first aid pills, vitality, natural care, ED drugs, dermatology, hygiene, etc.

In accordance with credible global statistics data, our online pharmacy appears to be in top 15 certified Canadian and U.S. pharmacies. Pharmaceutical market is fast expanding along with the development of hundreds of new online drug stores monthly. Nevertheless, just small quantity of them can guarantee safety of the products sold: origin, transport, storage and packaging; large purchasing volumes allowing processing a large number of orders sent every day to customers; beneficial discounts; useful medical information and articles, etc. That is why our pharmacy pays a lot of attention to product quality, reliable suppliers, price monitoring and flawless delivery. We offer you attractive prices in return of perfect service and conditions.

Erectile dysfunction pills
Generic Viagra
Generic Viagra

Viagra is a pill that you take before sex in order to have reliable erectile hardness guaranteed. The pill is the best-studied erectile agent with safe use and efficacy even in advanced ED. Viagra allows to have erections with minimal refractory window during 4 hours following effect onset.

25mg - 200mg
10 - 360 pills
pill popularity bar
$1.09 $0.36
Generic Cialis
Generic Cialis

Cialis has a form of tablet to be administered by mouth; it is the longest-acting among drugs for erectile dysfunction, providing 36 hours of erectogenic effects. Another benefit of Cialis is its compatibility with any kind of meals, and improved sexual stamina and recovery added to the effect list.

10mg - 80mg
10 - 360 pills
pill popularity bar
$1.73 $1.07
Generic Levitra
Generic Levitra

Levitra is one of the tablets for restoring erectile hardness in men with impotence. The distinctive characteristic is Levitra is its low side event profile and marked efficacy and safety of use in patients with diabetes and other conditions. Levitra remains active for 4 hours after the onset.

10mg - 60mg
10 - 360 pills
pill popularity bar
$2.24 $0.99
Generic Cialis Professional
Cialis Professional

Cialis Professional is an oral drug based on tadalafil, providing up to 48 hours of erectogenic effect in men with compromised erectile function. Thanks to boosted content of tadalafil in the formuls, the drug helps in severe cases of ED and promotes sexual stamina to a qualitatively new level.

20mg - 40mg
10 - 120 pills
pill popularity bar
$3.01 $2.42

How Can Canadian Health and Care Mall Be of Service?

Health is extremely valuable. Our approach is accentuated under the auspices of services and offers that are increasingly adapted to the needs of our customers. Each person looks for support in his or her daily wellbeing, especially when it comes to treatment. With a network of pharmacies, we would like to provide you with our advice and expertise. Listening to you, and in contact with you, we plan to make you benefit in an ever-renewed way from a reinforced pharmaceutical service in the form of communication campaigns and exclusive offers throughout the year. What do we do for you every day?

We are always in the process of development. Our discount price policy has no impact on the quality of the products and cosmetic treatments offered. In fact, only professionals with a diploma in pharmacy select the products that are offered for sale on our online store, and they are very careful to choose safe and efficient products, while respecting a strict charter: they verify the legitimacy of laboratories and exclude certain substances. Thanks to privileged relationships with carefully selected Canadian laboratories, our pharmacists and its marketing team create numerous promotions every month for quality pharmaceutical and cosmetic products from renowned brands and laboratories.

We choose top-quality product range. Before listing our products, we promise that special attention was paid to it before its selection. The selected goods are sold in our store because they have proven to be efficient, and are FDA certified safe for you. You can buy Cialis Original, Generic Viagra, branded Viagra from Pfizer, all quality ED pills. Continuous monitoring of the medication market allows us to diversify our range of treatments. Medicines are available in gel, effervescent tablets and chewable candies. Women can especially look for a solution for libidos not too developed in our pharmacy.

One of the first criteria of your purchases on the internet concerns the delivery of your orders. We are like you: we appreciate when our products arrive in good condition and that deadlines are met. To ensure that your order arrives as quickly as possible, we have chosen to work with express courier services for rapid delivery within 24 hours. We consider that 24-hour delivery for an online pharmacy is very important because even if it is a non-prescription medication, your need may be urgent and you will not be able to travel.

Discount Drugs That Cost You 90% Less

The price of generics is much lower than that of branded drugs, while generics do not differ from the original drugs in terms of effectiveness and safety, and are produced in strict accordance with established regulations and quality standards. We are absolutely confident that the use of generics is of great medical and social importance, as it makes high-quality treatment affordable for the general population. Make sure to check our offers and see the difference.

We offer almost all categories of medicinal products that have generic substitutes, including:

  • ED drugs
  • Antidepressants,
  • Impotency and libido boosters,
  • Biologically active additives,
  • Antibiotics, etc.

The widespread use of generics makes it possible to more rationally spend the national budget allocated for health care, and, thus, create a financial reserve for paying for expensive medical products, procedures and services. In turn, price competition from generic manufacturers is pushing innovative companies to create fundamentally new, more modern drugs and treatments. Our suppliers are 100% credible companies based in the U.S., Canada, Europe and China. Active substances are identical to the ones contained in branded meds and approved by the FDA.

Enjoy Our Loyalty Program

Once you’ve reached this section, the reward is not long in coming! In this part, we are pleased to tell you about all advantages that receive our regular customers. If you are already a customer, you can use the data from your customer account. Membership in our loyalty program is completely free. All our customers can take advantage of our special offers.

We also appreciate to receive any kind of feedback and reviews from our customers about the quality of our products, service level, delivery, consultations, website navigation. Let us become better with you and your kind assistance. For any purchase made via your customer account, you will receive points. 1 U.S. dollar of purchase entitles you to 10 points.

All our customers using the loyalty program will take advantage of high-quality medicines door-to-door delivered. Do not hesitate to check our latest catalogues featuring the following promos:

  • four promo packages for all orders free of charge;
  • air delivery (9-20 days) for orders from $140.00 for free;
  • express delivery (generally for customers from the U.S. and Canada only) (7-12 days) for orders from $290.00;
  • gratuitous insurance (warranty for failed delivery due to any circumstance) for orders from $210.00.

We are always open to any suggestions from your part. In case you need more information or have any issues concerning our products or services, do not hesitate to contact us online or on the phone. We are always there to help.

Free Medical Consultation Service Online for Our Customers

To reassure you about the authenticity of our drug sales website, our pharmacists and customer service advisers will respond promptly 24/7. So, for any question relating to our products, our pharmacy and how to order, contact us online or on the phone and let us help you. This team is internal to our online pharmacy and all the information that you communicate to us remains confidential. The objective is to offer you a service equivalent to that which you find at the counter of our pharmacy.

You have pain in your joints, a sore throat, you are constipated, so many symptoms and many others for which self-medication is possible. However, a drug even if sold without a prescription is still a drug. Our role as a healthcare professional is to provide you with our advice and expertise. This is why a pharmacist will always be available to answer you by email or by phone, will always check your order to make sure that there is no drug interaction and that the selected products are well suited to your needs. For this, the pharmacist will rely on the interactive personal medical questionnaire where you indicate your current treatments and medical history.

By buying your medicines from our online pharmacy, you also benefit from the advice of our pharmacists through thematic sheets that guide you and advise you on the choice of products.

Reliable and Secure Shopping

Our website is hosted on an approved health data server: the host is responsible for ensuring the confidentiality, security, integrity and availability of the data entrusted to it. Our SSL certificate, materialized by ‘https’ and a padlock in your URL address bar, makes it possible to secure any data transmission. Indeed, these are encrypted when they are sent. The payment is perfectly secure thanks to the encryption of your data by the SSL protocol. We do not access your bank details in any case because they are transmitted in a coded and secure manner to our bank. Your purchases and prescriptions of medicines are safe and cannot by disclosed to a third party. You can rest assured that buying from Canadian Health Care Mall is absolutely protected.

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