Heavily Discounted Drugs, Promos And Bonuses From Canadian Health&Care Mall

There is more than just one way to get cheaper pills when you choose Canadian Health&Care Mall. Each and every one of our customers gets opportunities to cut down expenses with the help of discount coupons and special offers, loyalty programs and bonuses. How much you’re going to save depends on how much you order, how often you use our services and how attentive you are.

Briefly about Loyalty Programs

We are often asked whether we have one. Actually, we do. When a user buys from us for the second time, he or she gets enrolled on the list of our repeated customers automatically. A person also receives a permanent access to numerous special offers and internal club-member pre-sales.

Our TOP Special Offers for Every User

Business people

It is a known fact that pills and medications from Canadian Pharmacy Online are generic in nature. They are a priori cheaper, thus available to users with varying buying power. What do we offer in addition to this excellent feature? We want our customers to be satisfied with pills, prices and services, so we allow you save even more when buying generic products.

Here are some basic special offers for you to make use of:
Newsletters subscription

When you subscribe to our newsletters, you will be among the first lucky ones to learn there are new bonuses and discounts available. Subscribers receive coupon codes regularly. These codes are paperless and are sent as e-mail letters;

The more is ordered, the greater are the savings

This rule always works! The sum spent on necessary medications can be reduced by hundreds of dollars OR you can get additional bonuses and coupons as a returned buyer;

You can easily receive +4 pills of Generic Cialis or Generic Viagra with any order. Besides, there are individual 10% and 30% discounts for those whose order is above $400. All you need to do is to send us an e-mail query for the discount you need.

No shipping free

Of course, this is the chance for a limited number of buyers, but who said you can’t be one.

When the order sum exceeds $150-$200 (a single order), the package will be shipped for free and with insurance! The insurance will guarantee a re-shipping IF the package is damaged or lost during the delivery.

! Free Courier Express Shipping is available for orders that start from $300.

Be sure that our discount program is brought to a different level. Today any customer, regular or random, can save more on pills that save life, relationship and sexual health. Saving together with Canadian Health&Care Mall is always easy!