Mobile App For Truly Smooth Drug Shopping On The Run

In the pharmacy app Canadian Health&Care Mall for Android smartphones (download now) you get an overview of both your prescription drugs and our prescription-free range. You can easily order home what you need. Smooth, safe and secure. And if you need help with from a doctor about anything, you can easily contact the digital health center via the app. If you have questions about your treatment, you can chat with a pharmacist.

The full range of the app

In addition to your prescription drugs, our range of non-prescription drugs and quality-controlled health products are also available in the app.

In the app you can clearly see your prescriptions, how many withdrawals you have left, when the prescriptions expire. With a few quick clicks you can also order your medicines on prescription. You can get the medicine home in the mailbox, within the usual time frame as stipulated.

Choose among interchangeable medicines

You get access to Canadian Pharmacy’s largest drug store and can always choose the cheapest alternative within the framework of the generic exchange. It is safe and secure.

Order medicine with authorization

If you have children or others you usually help with pharmacy cases via proxy, you can also find their prescriptions in the app. Anyone who wants help with their pharmacy cases can register a proxy as logged on the application with your personal account.

Read more about proxies

We help you keep track of the withdrawals

Notes from the app allow you to keep track of important events regarding your prescriptions and your high cost protection. You will receive a timely reminder of when the last day to make a withdrawal of your drug falls and of when your high-cost period is about to expire.

If you have made at least one withdrawal from a prescription with multiple withdrawals, you will also receive information on when you can make another withdrawal of your drug.

Advice on your medicines

You can always contact us to discuss your treatment. For example, if you have questions about the effect of the drugs, how they work together, whether the effect is affected by what you eat or other medicines that you take at the same time.

The chat is easy to use

You can also consultation with a physician. If you have any problems that require a doctor, you can contact our partners for telemedicine consultation, via their app directly in your mobile. At the services we link you to, experienced doctors work with medical credentials and specialist expertise are available for a free consultation. You can feel confident in getting the right help regardless of what ails you.

If your prescription has expired, you can easily renew it through a telemedicine service. Please note that addictive and drug-rated drugs cannot be renewed online. If you would rather contact your regular doctor or reception, there is a link directly from the app to acute care troubleshooting.