Shipping Methods Available At Canadian Health&Care Mall

While delivery is a weak point of many online drugstores, we are never makes its customers deal with delays of any kind. Just choose the method, pay and get your medications right at the doorstep. There are many features and characteristics that make Canadian Health&Care Mall a number one choice among users from around the globe. And the shipping and delivery services are in the list. We never make our customers wait for too long, face failures, cases of delays or damaged goods. Learn more about the options we offer and choose the one that suits you best.

Delivery Methods

There are two delivery methods that a customer can choose from: Regular Airmail Shipping and Express Courier Delivery.

Regular Airmail Shipping

This is a common choice for those living in countries other than the USA. It allows getting medications whether you are in Europe, Asia or Africa. This international service delivers ordered medications within 10-21 days after your order is confirmed and processed. The method has many benefits and here’s one of them: when the order sum is above $150, the service is available for free. Yet, some customers say there’s one drawback, too: tracking the delivery status is hard.

Express Courier Delivery

This method works for US citizens exclusively. The cost of the order depends on your US location, so it is easy to understand, why it varies from order to order. Express Courier Shipping works better than the first method delivering medications within a week or two after the order is confirmed and processed. There’s hardly a single drawback about this method. The order is easy to track. Besides, the shipping service is free of charge, if the order is above $300.

Orders within Canada and the USA

We call them local and ensure a speedy delivery. You can get the meds within several days after providing personal and financial information. You are to be at home when the package arrives; otherwise you will have to collect the package from the post office.

Delivery Methods

International Orders

It is obvious that more time is required to have such orders delivered. The charges usually never include the taxes or custom duties that are typical for most overseas deliveries. All details are to be checked in local customs offices.


Basic Delivery Terms

Canadian Pharmacy Mall sells to buyers who have achieved adulthood. If you are younger than 18, our pharmacy unfortunately will not be able to serve you. We also reserve the right to change the delivery costs as well as prices for goods.

Your order is confirmed via an e-mail message, so check your inbox after making payment.

The confirmation e-mail includes:

  • Product information;
  • Specified amount, strength and dosage of the ordered medication;
  • Pricing and delivery;
  • Order number.

When ordering from us, you agree to all the delivery terms.

! Cases of damaged goods are rare. The damage or loss is the risk that a customer hardly expects or wants. We take responsibility for such cases to find the reason of why the good is delayed, damaged or lost. You can contact our support team, specify order details and get an adequate answer to questions that you have.

You can be sure that chosen pills will be delivered according to the chosen method and specified information. Even if delays take place, we ensure the maximum delivery term of 30 days.