Healthcare Services & Devices

On your first purchase on the site you will becme eligible for free the loyalty program associated with the membership at our pharmacy with which you can enjoy numerous discounts. You can also get access to the mobile app service thanks to which you can ask for medical advice from your mobile phone via chat with a professional.

Healthcare services that add value

On the website of Canadian Health&Care Mall you can conveniently order the drugs you need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will find a catalog with over 150,000 products ready for delivery for the needs of everyone including dietetic supplements and other products, cosmetics, natural and herbal medicine products, homeopathic products, baby products, veterinary products and sanitary items. With our personal healthcare service, you can take advantage of numerous promotions every day.

We are a specialized pharmacy that chose to undertake a continuous training program and to maintain a constant connection with doctors and experts. Our unique and innovative approach allows us to identify the best solutions and products best suited to you.

We make your well-being a personal matter:

  • we deepen the knowledge of your wellbeing, sexual health, beauty and fitness needs to build a tailor-made path together.
  • We are next to you to improve and maintain your well-being over time.
  • We are your real, close and human reference point.

We facilitate pharmacy shopping that truly protects your health information

When you buy medications from a pharmacy chain in person, there is never enough confidentiality of your health condition. Brick and mortar pharmacies are public places by definition, and there will always be one person too many, one pair of eyes too indiscreet and one pair of ears too much within the earshot. With our online service, you can let go of the concern for your privacy. This extra layer of confidentiality is what attracts shoppers to making sensitive purchasing online.

We also deepen your needs through analyzes and measurements that allow us to identify the most suitable wellness path for you. Get in touch with us to link you to a reliable professional in your area or for telemedicine communication; we guarantee total confidentiality.

The expertise in delivering specific products for sexual health

Our pharmacy is not only a website selling drugs and parapharmaceutical products, but also a famous reference point for sexual health. Inside the e-commerce there is in fact a section entirely dedicated to drugs and supplements for sexual wellbeing, from the simplest and suitable ones for everyone to the more complex ones designed to meet the needs of individuals with severely compromised erectile capacity. You can really find everything: from the world class bestsellers like Viagra and Cialis to specific multivitamins and multi minerals restoring your sexual stamina in a natural way. There is no shortage of generic drugs for every costly brand medication to adequately attend to your specific needs, in a targeted manner based on the dynamics of your sex life. Within the section there are also a whole series of herbal products designed to facilitate the management of non-pharmacological support for your libido and stamina.