Generic Levitra (Vardenafil)


  • Generic Name: Vardenafil
  • Brand Name: Snovitra
  • Dosage (mg): 10/20/40/60/100
  • Active Component: Vardenafil
  • Drug Class: PDE5 Inhibitors
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Generic Levitra
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General Information

Generic Levitra is an analogue of the popular drug for increasing potency. It is designed to restore erectile functioning. Generic Levitra helps to normalize the production of testosterone, improve the quality and duration of erection, increase skin sensitivity.

Generic Levitra Introductory Information

Generic Levitra is an analogue of the popular drug for increasing potency. It is designed to restore erectile functioning. Generic Levitra helps to normalize the production of testosterone, improve the quality and duration of erection, increase skin sensitivity. The effect of the drug is not harmful to health and does not build up tolerability. The main difference between generic Levitra and its branded prototype is its cost: as a rule, the price of such drugs is several times less than the price of the original. Also, generic Levitra quickly affects the body without causing addiction. With a decreased potency, an increasing number of men are now facing weak erection and premature ejaculation. Causes of erectile dysfunction may be very different, ranging from the presence of serious sexual diseases in the patient and ending with chronic fatigue, stress and nervous overexertion. Also negative factors for male health are malnutrition, lack of exercise and ecology.

What Is Generic Levitra Used For? Conditions & Applications

The main indication for the use of generic Levitra is improvement of erectile functioning. This condition manifests itself in the form of a weak and short erection, the inability to achieve it, premature ejaculation, and reduction of sexual energy and complete lack of endurance in intimate activity. Generic Levitra helps to cope with the above problems and qualitatively restores sexual health regardless of the age of the man. The drug has no limitations and can be used by men of advanced age. The drug intake is recommended to prolong sexual intimacy, in order to increase sensitivity and relax chronic stress and overwork. Thanks to the positive effect on hormonal background, generic Levitra can be used as a supplement to the complex treatment of impotency, prostatitis and infertility.

Why Choose Generic Levitra?

Why Choose Generic Levitra

An essential advantage of generic Levitra over the original drug is the variety of dosages. Levitra’s standard tablet contains 20 milligrams of vardenafil, the recommended daily dose of the active substance necessary to ensure a prolonged sexual intercourse. Additionally, generic Levitra is available in the following doses: 5, 10, 40 and 60 milligrams. The minimum dosage is used as a preventive measure to prevent from impotency, erectile dysfunction and prostatitis. The maximum dose can be taken only after consultation by a specialist. The manufacturer recommends starting the drug with a dose of 10 milligrams of vardenafil and gradually increasing it. Generic Levitra tablets should be administered 20 minutes before the start of sexual activity with a glass of water. Generic Levitra can be combined with a small amount of alcohol (maximum 100 grams of strong alcoholic beverages). A man can take the generic Levitra regardless of the meal.

Generic Levitra Health Results

Numerous reviews and research results have made it possible to single out a number of advantages that favorably distinguish this drug from its closest counterparts, namely:

  1. The fastest action;
  2. Long-lasting effect;
  3. No restrictions on food intake (the main thing is not to overeat and or take too much fatty food).

Generic Levitra helps most men. Reviews about these pills testify that side-effects are extremely rare. Moreover, the effectiveness and generic Levitra’s safety is confirmed by men with diabetes mellitus and other pathologies on the background of which impotency may develop. A number of studies were conducted during which men with erectile dysfunction participated. According to averaged data, those who took generic Levitra tablets had about 3 times more chances to achieve an erection and maintain it during sexual intercourse compared to men who took placebo. In addition, the study proved that the drug helps those patients who have not previously been helped by other methods of restoring an erection. According to statistics, in 9 out of 10 men generic Levitra led to a full erection, which did not deteriorate during sexual intercourse. This is evidenced by the responses of men themselves.

Generic Levitra Taking Guidelines & Doses Explained

A man should take an entire Generic Levitra pill without chewing and washing down with some water. A patient can take a pill regardless of the meal, but following the rule: not later than 30-60 minutes before the onset of the alleged sexual intercourse. Since the generic is active for 10 hours, a man can take the pills in this time interval. To get the desired result, a man needs to remember about erotic stimulation. The dosage of the medicinal product is prescribed by the doctor.

The initial dose of the drug should not exceed 20 milligrams. If the components of generic Levitra are well tolerated by a patient’s body and the result does not make a man wait, the dose can be duplicated. Elderly men and patients, who have problems with kidneys, should be prescribed a dosage of five milligrams. The drug is taken once a day. Before beginning treatment, a man must carefully read the instruction to use.

Who Can Take Generic Levitra?

Stimulants of potency are common medicines that have been tried by the vast majority of men of mature age. Unfortunately, the problem of erectile dysfunction gradually gets younger, so a man of reproductive age gets used to taking this drug to return his self-confidence. Why do patients start taking generic Levitra?

The main reason is a decrease testosterone levels in blood with age. This is quite a natural phenomenon, which leads to a decrease in sexual desire. This condition can be completely corrected with the help of stimulants, if a man in adulthood has no contraindications for taking generic Levitra.

However, there are other causes of erectile dysfunction, among which we can distinguish the following:

  • drop in testosterone concentration in blood due to hormonal imbalance (for example, in case of disruption of the endocrine system);
  • constant nervous or physical overstrain, stressful situations;
  • wrong lifestyle, bad habits, alcohol abuse;
  • malnutrition, abundant amounts of fatty food and insufficient intake of protein foods;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • administration of certain medicines that have a depressing effect on sexual desire (antidepressants, psychotropic drugs, neuroleptics);
  • problems of a psychological nature (lack of confidence in themselves and their abilities, psychological complexes in relation to their appearance);
  • inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system (e.g., prostatitis).

All this can lead to erectile dysfunction in one or another stage of development or to temporary problems with potency. At the same time, not every man has the time and desire to visit a doctor who will prescribe numerous body examinations. In this case, it is much easier for a patient to order generic Levitra and quickly restore potency wihtin one evening.

Common Side-Effects of Generic Levitra & How to Avoid Them

Unlike the branded Levitra, generic price is quite affordable, and the quality and effect are maintained at an identical level. Like the original, the generic rarely provokes side-effects. To avoid increased risk, it is necessary to correctly take generic Levitra, since the instruction explains in detail all important points. Adverse reactions to Levitra are expressed in the risk of short-term dyspepsia, rhinitis, syncope, increased muscle tone, dizziness, arterial hypertension, nausea, facial flushing, drowsiness, headache, epistaxis, swelling.

Safety Guidelines on the Use of Generic Levitra

By observing instructions, doctor’s recommendations and safe dosages, you can be sure that generic Levitra will bring absolutely no harm to health. This is a fact, reliably proven by numerous clinical trials in different countries. Despite the relative unpretentiousness of the drug in the physiological respect, the instruction on the application of generic Levitra contains a list of contraindications that cannot be ignored in any case, and under which it is


  • co-administration with nitrates, donators of nitrogen oxide, inhibitors of CYP3A4;
  • medical guidelines for abstinence from sexual activity (e.g., cardiovascular disease);
  • hypersensitivity to the constituents of the drug;

In addition to this very short list of contraindications, there is a list of cases in which you need to be extremely cautious – use the minimum dosage by informing your doctor:

  • severe diseases and liver disorders;
  • acute kidney disease;
  • anatomical deformation of the penis;
  • diseases that increase the risk of bleeding, including internal;
  • heart disease and blood vessels – arterial hypotension, less than half a year from the time of a heart attack or stroke, etc.

Obviously, it is possible to exclude the listed conditions only after consultation with a doctor. However, even in the absence of these conditions, do not violate the dosages specified in the instructions and the frequency of admission. If generic Levitra is capable of demonstrating the effect in a particular case, it will demonstrate it within safe dosages. It is naive to also believe that a larger amount of the drug will prolong the sexual intercourse, since generic Levitra does not have this effect in any dosages at all. The only thing that can be achieved by frequent and strengthened methods is repeatedly amplified side-effects.

Increase Generic Levitra Efficacy: Expert Tips

  1. Observe doctor’s prescriptions accurately;
  2. Avoid mixing with alcohol and fatty food;
  3. Avoid prohibited drug interactions;
  4. Use any means of sexual stimulation;
  5. Do not overdose;
  6. Purchase from reliable time-honored online pharmacy;
  7. Always check expiration dates;
  8. Tune yourself to the right mindset ready for sexual exploits.

Generic Levitra FAQ

What are the advantages of generic Levitra in comparison with other PDE5 inhibitors?

With regard to the effect on PDE5, generic Levitra is stronger than Viagra more than 10 times. The effect of generic Levitra is not dependent on food and alcohol intake, the duration of action is 8-12 hours, which gives the drug an advantage over Viagra. At the same time, the half-life of generic Levitra (4.8 hours) is shorter than that of Cialis (17.5 hours), which reduces the likelihood of undesirable side-effects when taking generic Levitra daily, since this drug does not accumulate in the body. Generic Levitra has a smaller effect on light sensation compared to Viagra, and has no effect on spermatogenesis.

What properties of drugs for treatment of ED, in addition to the speed and severity of the action, are most interesting for the patient?

Most patients are primarily interested in the safety and safety of the drug, a long duration of action is of interest to a few.

What drug from the group of PDE5 inhibitors do you recommend to patients with undiagnosed and untreated erectile dysfunction?

In this case, it is advisable to prescribe generic Levitra, which can be used in the general population due to the powerful effect and the absence of cumulation.

How quickly does generic Levitra begin to act? What is the duration of the action of this drug, what does it matter for the patient’s safety in taking it?

The effect of generic Levitra is manifested in a part of men 10 minutes after the intake, in the majority after 25 minutes, the duration of the action is 8-12 hours. This is enough to use its effect by the patient, there is no accumulation of vardenafil in the body which makes the drug quite safe.

What drug do you recommend to a patient who previously used sildenafil without much success?

We’ll recommend generic Levitra, as it has a more powerful effect on PDE5 (stronger than more than 10 times) than sildenafil.

Does generic Levitra have the effect of tachyphylaxis (reduced effect with prolonged admission)?

Generic Levitra has no effect of tachyphylaxis which allows taking the drug for a long time without reducing the effect.

In what dosages is generic Levitra manufactured and why is it important?

Generic Levitra is available in dosages of 5, 10 and 20 mg. which makes it possible to correct the therapy depending on the efficacy and tolerability of the drug by the patient, i.e. to carry out an individual approach to the patient.

Finding Best Generic Levitra Offers Online

Millions of men around the world have appreciated the pharmacological properties of generic Levitra. Its price at online drugstore also suits representatives of the most diverse social strata due to the availability of generics on sale. Generic Levitra continues to be an effective means to get rid of the symptoms of impotency while possessing some unique features. The drug quickly starts to act, has a lasting effect, it can be taken along with food and alcohol – all that is required for a man who wants to spend a busy evening of entertainment smoothly passing into a night full of love and passion.

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