Insurance Coverage For Drugs at Our Service

Canadian Health&Care Mall is designed to be used by people with no insurance or underinsured individuals. We are making cost-accessible drugs a reality, where even in the absence of an adequate healthcare insurance coverage you can easily pay for your medications out of pocket.

This said, if you would like to use your insurance when shopping with our pharmacy, there is a way to do so, even though we do not work directly with the insurance companies and are therefore unable to accept your insurance for payment. However, you can save the receipts we will enclose with your purchase for your insurance company for accounting purposes. If the drugs you are ordering from us are covered by your insurance plan, your company will reimburse you in full or with deductibles paid out of your pocket.

Sometimes it is just a tablet for headaches, sometimes an antibiotic and sometimes a medicine that your doctor has prescribed. In one way or another, the question that arises is this: which medicines does the health insurance company pay for? No matter how much your insurance company contributes to the costs of medicines, we have always got you covered and protected from the high costs.

There is a simple rule: the health insurance company pays only the medicines prescribed by a doctor. And not all of them. What medicines and what amounts are taken continues to be regulated by law. These provisions leave little room for maneuver.

What does health insurance pay? Your insurance company determines which medicines must be paid for by your insurance plan.

Basic insurance assumes costs for medicines, which:

  • have been prescribed by a doctor;
  • are approved by the FDA and, in the event of limitation, are administered accordingly;

When the patent expires, a medicine can be copied from other houses. These generics maintain the same active ingredient in the same dosage as the original and can replace the latter in almost all cases. However, they cost less because the production costs are lower. If you decide to use generics, you typically pay 10% rate instead of 20% as for the original preparations. But there are some exceptions.

By using our pharmacy service, you come out a total winner no matter what your insurance plan is. The point is that, almost every insurance company will encourage their subscribers to opt for generic versions where applicable. So when you are filling your prescription at our pharmacy with high quality generics, you will enjoy much lower deductibles on your orders. In a nutshell, the lower the cost of the drugs you are buying, the smaller percent of deductible you will be charged by your insurance provider – to a point where you might get some medications free of charge.

Even in the absence of any insurance plan, you will discover that our website offers unlimited possibilities of saving money. Generic drugs that you will find here cost around 10% of what they cost at your local pharmacy. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any other questions that you might have eventually.