Privacy Statement On Treatment Of Personal Data


This privacy statement describes how our website handles personal information. The declaration describes which personal information are treated, the purpose of the treatment, the legal basis for the treatment of personal data and the rights that the data subjects have according to the Privacy Act.

Who is covered by the processing of personal data?

Our website processes personal data as part of fulfilling the company’s requirements purposes. Our website aims to keep the pharmaceutical industry information updated and available. This requires close dialogue with the pharmaceutical companies (including consulting firms working for pharmaceutical industry), but also pharmaceuticals and other organizations who work with drug information.

Disclosure of information

As a general rule, personal data will not be transferred or shared with third parties. The common directory also provides information that is required according to. law. Some personal information may be shared with service providers such as courier services and dispatchers. Our website has data processor agreements with its subcontractors, which ensures a good and safe treatment of personal data according to current regulations.

Possible transfer of personal data will not happen without the necessary agreements to ensure that the rights of the data subjects are safeguarded. When transferring to countries outside Canada and the EU / EEA that have not been approved by the European Commission, the policy of is that the transfer must be carried out in accordance with the standard agreements on transfer to third countries or in accordance with Privacy Shield Scheme (USA).

Our website does not sell personal data to third parties. We have established its own internal guidelines and security measures to protect personal information from unauthorized access, destruction, loss or alteration. The site does not store personal information for longer than is necessary to fulfill the purpose of the processing and limit the use of personal data where possible. The website has procedures for deleting personal data.

There are several alternative grounds for the treatment of privacy policy: the website processes personal data on the basis of legitimate interest. In these cases, we consider that the processing is necessary for the interest that outweighs the disadvantage of processing the privacy information provided by the data subject. Alternatively, processing may be necessary to meet the agreement with the customer that we enter into. In some cases we may ask for consent to the treatment of personal data for specific purposes, such consent can be revoked at any time. Processing of personal data can also happen to fulfill a legal obligation

User rights

Those who are registered with our website have the right to access their own information. It Those who are registered have the right to ask for that inaccurate, incomplete or unnecessary information is corrected, restricted, deleted, supplemented or objected to the treatment. Anyone who is registered can also request to know the purpose of us processes personal data and has the right to know how long they are stored, or the criteria for storage. The data subject also has the right to data portability (get transferred structured data to other data processors) for personal data collected from whether they are based on consent or agreement. Inquiries are answered consecutively. If the basis for the treatment is consent, one has the right to withdraw the consent back.