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We are a team of pharmacy technicians united by the same professional ethics and the same mission of meeting your needs with tailored answers. Inspired by the ancient pharmaceutical tradition, we combine the principles of nature with the most innovative scientific techniques, with a formulation philosophy that makes our solutions different and avant-garde.

We are involved in all the processes that bring the product into your hands: from the choice of raw materials to the constant collaboration with the research laboratory, where your requests and our indications are translated into effective, safe, high-quality solutions. We know the story behind every product. For this reason we import them for our customers.

The formulative philosophy contains the pillars that guide our work. A precise professional choice that, starting from a millennial tradition, continues today in the ethics of doing well with awareness and responsibility.

We have chosen to undertake a continuous training program in the field of health, beauty and fitness and to maintain a constant collaboration with healthcare experts focused at guiding you on a complete wellness path. Being specialized in sexual health is the extra step towards a pharmacy tailored to your needs. Because you are at the center of this vision.

How do you win by becoming a registered user with Canadian Health&Care Mall? First of all, you automatically enroll in the loyalty program that kicks off with your Order No. 1. From this moment on, our system will recognize you as a repeat customer and the number of offers available to you will grow exponentially.

We will remember your choices and the products you showed interest in, and it will be easier for you to look them up next time you log on to the website. We use cookies (see our Privacy Policy to learn how exactly and what restrictions apply) in order to make your shopping experience seamless and effective. However, we will never use your personal information in a way that is unsolicited and unethical.

By subscribing to our service, you can opt in for receiving newsletters from our pharmacy. Those will contain alerts about sales, savings and hot deals that are currently on the website. This is a double-win, because even if you check our official website from time to time, chances are you might not come in time for a truly good bargain to be still available. Our discount drugs fly off the shelves like hot cakes come high season, and this is where you need extra tips on economic refills.

By joining our brand, you get a personal digital assistant arranging your healthcare shopping for you. Forget about forgetting to refill your prescription: we will take care of sending you reminders before you run out of your pill supply. We send out our digital reminders well in advance so that your refills have ample time to reach you.