Diagnosing Premature Ejaculation: Why Visiting a Doctor Is Essential

Premature Emission of Seminal Fluid

Premature Emission of Seminal FluidThis condition is rather frequently met in men. It is quite difficult to diagnose and treat it; therefore, this disease frequently occurs under the influence of serious psychologic factors. According to research studies of the World Health Organization, premature ejaculation occurs less than in one minute after sexual intercourse. Extreme form of this disorder is ejaculation before coitus.

PE therapy suggests individual approach to each patient due to the fact that the disease is exceptionally intimate and psychologically uneasy. Therapy effectiveness of this kind of disorders is mainly determined by its complexity and requires several specialists: urologist, therapist, and psychologist (sexologist). In accordance with causes of PE occurrence, this disorder is generally divided into primary and secondary. Initial stage implies genetic predisposition to this disease and happens from the very beginning of sexual life.

It is explained by the following factor:

  • Hypersensitivity of nerve endings in penis tissues or congenital hypertrophy of seminal crest provoking fast orgasm and premature ejaculation.

The causes of PE of secondary or acquired character may be different. Generally, ejaculation occurs as a symptom:

  • Infectious diseases of pelvic organs: prostatitis and spermatocystitis (inflammation of annexed sexual glands), urethritis (inflammation of urethra), colliculitis (inflammation and other pathologies of seminal crest). Inflammatory processes in pelvic organs affect seminal crest and are generally one of the causes of premature ejaculation occurrence.
  • Neurologic diseases (such as osteochondritis), including the ones caused by spinal column injuries.
  • Psychologic disorders – phobias, neuroses, stresses and issues connected with personal and intimate sphere.

In case of premature ejaculation, the cause of its occurrence may be the lifestyle which is also essential: beginning of sexual life and its intensity and partner selection are also able to influence psychological condition of the partner.

Consequences of Premature Ejaculation

It is quite difficult to estimate either this disease or its possible complications. Anyway, premature ejaculation represents a symptom of inflammatory processes in organism which require diagnostics and treatment. Moreover, such disorder may have adverse impact on quality of intimate life of both partners and provoke the stresses, neuroses and other unpleasant circumstances including the ones of non-medicinal character. Moreover, in case of premature ejaculation and especially its extreme form (before coitus), possibility of conceiving reduces to zero.

Symptoms of Premature Ejaculation

Besides premature ejaculation occurred in less than 1 minute after beginning of coitus or before it, additional signs of this disorder are as follows:

  • Difference duration of sexual intercourse (either prolongs or shortens);
  • Prolongation of coitus in case of contraceptives or anesthetic ointments usage;
  • Prolongation of sexual intercourse in case of the intake of anti-depressants or other sedatives.

It is worth mentioning that duration of sexual intercourse and other symptoms are rather relative. Only specialist is able to diagnose and determine the cause of premature ejaculation. He will explain what exactly may be considered as PE in each separate case and how to struggle against it. Moreover, one-time cases of premature ejaculation are hardly to be considered the signs of the disease, since they may be caused by non-medical factors (environment, mood, etc.).

Therapy of Premaure Ejaculation

Therapy of PEIn case premature emission of seminal fluid becomes a constant issue and causes lots of troubles in private life, the first thing to do is to consult a urologist. Initial consultation includes thorough examination, interview (very often both partners are interviewed), collection of complaints and performance of diagnostic procedures.

PE issue implies complex diagnostics (since it is difficult to make this diagnosis) for determination of cause; therefore, it usually includes:

  • Test administration with the use of anesthetics and anti-depressants in order to expose is the cause is psychologic state or hypersensitivity;
  • Conduction of urethroscopy and pelvic ultrasound (in case the infectious diseases are suspected);
  • In case of infection and inflammation, analysis of urethral secretion, blood and urine test may be conducted.

In case PE is diagnosed, a specialist will prescribe the complex of therapeutic measures according to the cause of disease. Very often PE therapy includes usage of pills and other remedies for this condition or diseases causing its occurrence; as well as complex of therapeutic procedures. All medications and procedures are selected individually on the premise that it was a releaser of the disease (and accompanying problems) and in regards to particularities of patient’s organism. So, in case of inflammatory processes in pelvic organs (prostatitis, spermatocystitis, etc.), special anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial medicines are prescribed.in the capacity of therapeutic measures. This therapy allows getting rid of inflammations and premature ejaculation where the latter is a symptom. In this case, various therapeutic herbs with anti-inflammatory features may be applied.

In case, the cause of this disorder is a psychological state or hypersensitivity of nervous endings, the following measures may be applied:

  • Usage of anesthetics which are required to spread on the tissues of penis 10-15 minutes prior to sexual activity; in some cases, injections are applied by a specialist with the use of local anesthesia.
  • Anti-depressants or other sedatives which are to be taken under physician’s control.
  • Physiotherapy: various physiotherapeutic methods allow stimulating corresponding areas of the brain and spine or sexual organs, reprograming them and turning into fast reaction on sexual intercourse (taking sedative impact).
  • Massage and acupuncture may also be applied. These methods are considered to be rather effective for premature ejaculation.
  • In some rare cases, surgery may be offered. Operation includes circumcision or cutting of nerve endings. The latter measure is considered to be an overly invasive procedure and recommended rarely, since it may lead to complete loss of sensitivity.

Very often recovery of premature ejaculation progresses not only under control of a urologist, but also a psychologist (sexologist) due to intimacy and complicity of the problem.

Prophylaxis of Premature Ejaculation

Preventive measures against sexual disorder are the following:

  • Regular sexual life with credible partners and corresponding protection means which prevent from sexually transmitted diseases. Venereal diseases in turn are one of the main causes of infections in pelvic organs (urethra, prostatic gland, etc.). In case of impossibility of secure intercourse, it is recommended to conduct corresponding hygienic measures with the use of antiseptics.
  • In case of hypersensitivity of nerve endings, it is important to use not only contraceptive, but also anesthetics and sedatives.
  • Maintenance of overall health of organism: dietary regimen, physical activities, vitamins administration, reduction of stresses and overwork.
  • Prophylactic consultation by a urologist (not only in case of symptoms and issues occurrence). Early diagnostics of urinary system allows avoiding serious complications, including premature ejaculation in the future. Moreover, it is not recommended to self-medicate, since only a doctor can make a correct diagnosis and knows how to treat successfully premature ejaculation.

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