10 Keys for Healthy Aging in Men

The state of health of modern men today have improved so much that they can expect to live the most of their lives in the absence of serious diseases.

One of the most common problems among men of old age is a lack of potency. Modern medicines can cope with this problem, they are designed for the treatment of men’s health. People of different nations created a large number of solutions to increase potency.

Every man wants to have a healthy sex force. However, not all of them take measures for the preservation of their health. And this is very important, because good physical health – is the key to sexual abilities of men. Since ancient times, people used certain plants and foods to improve potency. This type of substances called aphrodisiacs. Every nation has their own preferences in this regard. But there are exceptions in the form of international products.

Healthy Aging in Men

Walnuts with honey

Eating walnuts with honey for men is very necessary. They should use a special recipe to increase potency. This recipe is very simple, but it is a sure way to improve mens’ health. Walnut (tree of life) and honey are the most common worldwide aphrodisiacs, they are natural healing products. In ancient times every woman knew the secrets of male energy, so their husbands ate walnuts and honey. This essential substance is used to maintain health, strength, beauty, to prevent aging, to strengthen the immune system. This drug is the best medicine that affects the human reproductive system. However, it is strongly recommended for those men who have problems with erection. Mix honey and crushed walnut kernels in equal parts and drink this mixture after meals in half an hour during 3-4 weeks. The proper dose is – 2 teaspoons.

Know-how of the Kama Sutra

The ancient Hindus recommend a mixture of rice, boiled in milk with sparrow eggs, fried onions and honey before the night of love. This recipe improved potency.

Avicenna’s Secret

Great Central Asian doctor of XI century in his “Canon of Medicine” recommended to enhance the potency with the use of diet based on nutmeg, honey, pepper and cock eggs.

The diet of the samurai

Japanese people always knew that the potency of men is increased by the inclusion in the diet of grated radish. This dish is definitely included in the diet of the samurai, who had to be on top not only in combat. In recent years, Japanese scientists found that the beets have  the same properties.

French recipes

Henry IV  (who was famous for his sexual feats) invented a special drink for stimulation of potency: a mixture of cognac with egg yolk. Madame de Pompadour drank a cup of chocolate with celery every morning and Casanova in his memoirs mentioned that it is very effective to eat chocolate with nuts. Garlic also was a favorite tool of Casanova, because with the help of it he restored virility to the new “exploits” in bed. Some people say that garlic has a disgusting smell. Maybe we can agree. But you will have a passionate night of love with the help of garlic.

Pontifical sauce

This name was given to a medieval drink preserving potency. It includes the following ingredients: chopped ham, onion, carrot, celery, parsley, white wine with chicken broth, seasoned with garlic, cloves, lemon peel.

The will of the ancient Romans

Pliny the Elder wrote about the favorable and miraculous effect of pink onion. The Romans used to activate the libido with all spicy vegetables: onions, garlic, red and black pepper. Today, doctors believe that if they are not contraindicated due to the diseases of the stomach and kidneys, they, of course, can be used. Their mechanism of action is associated in part with the general metabolic activation, and partly with urinary tract irritation.

The secrets of the Siberian and Far Eastern forests

The ginseng is on the first place among the plants growing in this area. This kind of organic drug is most effective for the sexual disorders caused by stress factors. The eleutherococcus is a natural substitute of ginseng. But you need to be accurate while using it, because it can increase blood pressure.


According to the experts, citrus is a natural viagra for men. To become a sex-giant it is enough to eat half of a lemon with the skin for 2 hours before an intimate rendezvous.


The recipe comes from India, where sesame is regarded as the “first aid” to raise the potency. Sesame seeds must be fried and mixed with honey.

Tea with spices

Famous oriental recipe for increasing male potency is tea with spices. Most loving spices are cloves, ginger and saffron.

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