Does Tight Underwear Have Anything to Do with Erectile Dysfunction Problems?

A rumor that tight underwear causes problems in men seems to be as old as the world is. Some men give way to tight whities while others choose boxer briefs, but do any of them lead to erectile dysfunction? Does a man hurt his erection while wearing too restrictive underwear? Does the choice lead to dysfunction? This is what Canadian Health&Care Mall is going to find out.

Link between Impotence and Restricted Undies

Erectile Dysfunction Problems

Because of an old rumor that makes men wonder whether they’re at a risk or not, scientists studied the essence and influence of tight clothes inside out. At first restricted undies were found to be not responsible for the ED, but the sperm count only. Today they have found a vivid link between ED issues and the clothes chosen by males worldwide.

Really tight undies put much pressure on the penis form from the outside. As low blood amounts are dysfunction triggers, tight clothes compress the arteries that supply blood to the penile area. The penis remains in the same position for a long time. Due to this its muscles become rigid and arteries blocked. In some men there is the arteries’ hardening observed.

Scrotum is another part that experiences much pressure because of tight underwear. Scrotum makes the veins open up and the blood flow of the area increase. Thus, a man can’t hold erections and always ends up soon during intercourse.

! We don’t insist on forgetting about tight undies. We do understand that wearing them during some part of the day is a need. But we suggest giving way to cotton underwear as it puts less pressure on the penis. It also increases a proper air flow. Before going to bed your tight clothes should be replaced with the loose ones.

Tight Underwear Heat Doesn’t Affect Fertility

As a matter of fact, infertility problems can be triggered by various health issues, causes and complications. In case of restrictive underwear there is heat production that may lead to discomfort as well. Undies trap heat in the genital area and lead to health concerns… Is it really true? And should a man get worried about whether his chances for risks are high or not?

Professional urologists from Canadian Health and Care Mall are sure that it’s far from being truth. Tight undies lead to scrotal hyperthermia, but there is no chance for it to affect the quality of the semen. Whenever there is evidence provided by any specialist, he definitely lacks information. As long as numerous researches were conducted neither of them showed semen quality degradation.

As for today there is no direct proof that tight clothes can affect the quality of sperm, so wearing tight clothes is no harm.

Lower Sperm Count Instead of ED: Which Is Riskier?

Erectile dysfunction derives either from physiological or psychological health issues. Traumas and injuries can lead to its occurrence as well. However, no tight underwear can affect man’s strength. What it really CAN affect is the sperm count. It becomes lower because restrictive undies pull the testicles up to the body. Normally, testicles require a different temperature for normal functioning (about 2-7 degrees below the body temperature) and they hang loose from the body.

If they are nuzzled up against the body, their temperature rises. They overheat and sperm starts dying off. Of course, not all of it dies and this surely not happens for good, yet still risks are high to be ignored.

! Don’t think that wearing tight underwear can make your sperm die for good. The death occurs only if restrictive undies are worn for a really long time (for many years). If you are young and plan to have children, it’s better to choose boxer briefs.

Debates Are Still On

Though popular magazines have multiple articles concerning the fact of ED caused by tight underwear, no researcher is absolutely sure it is really so. Debates are still on and there are many of those, who believe that it’s true as well as those, who are sure it’s false.

Most articles say that tight clothes restrict the blood flow, so their prolonged use may cause impotence. While things seem to be quite logical, many factors remain unclear for a regular person. The thing is that the same dysfunction can be triggered by a neurological disorder, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, injuries and a whole bunch of other issues…

According to the scientists from the University of California, tight underwear doesn’t lead to ED. In fact, they state that no reliable research was conducted to prove the opposite or at least any negative effects of clothes on man’s sexual life and strength. However, almost everyone agrees there’s a link between undies and a lower sperm counts. Tightness doesn’t affect the blood flow and doesn’t lead to its restriction, but it’s noted that it’s better to wear boxers: they are looser and follow the growth whenever erections occur.

! Most wearers experience no problems even if they wear restricted underwear for years. However, arguments appear every day and become the sources of new legends that make men worldwide go crazy about what it wrong and what’s right. When the undies are extremely tight, the flow may be restricted, but only to some extent. Usually, the wearer understands that and changes the size because of the discomfort he experiences.

So, is the link between ED and tight underwear a big and fat lie? It may be! Constrictions may lead to fertility problems, but not impotence. Man’s sexual function is influenced either by physiological or psychological triggers, but your undies can’t add to or take away the strength that you have.

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