The Prospects of Targeted Therapy in Canadian and U.S. Healthcare

Targeted therapy is a drug therapy destined to help patients with cancer. It’s less aggressive than chemotherapy, but it still manages to deal with the damaged tissue and cancer cells. In severe cases, targeted therapy makes an effective combination with chemotherapy. This type of treatment is approved by the FDA and is still tested against the new types of cancers.

Our bodies are made up of many types of cells — brain cells, blood cells, skin cells… Each one has certain functionality. Unfortunately, cancer cells are also parts of our bodies. When a mutation is caused, cancer cells start getting out of control and divide growing in number. Targeted therapy will help to mutations under control, preventing the cancer cells from further changes. This medical procedure can:

  • Prevent cancer cells from growing by blocking the brain signals caused by the mutation of the gene;
  • Reduce the life span of cancer cells;
  • Eliminate the cancer cells completely.

Targeted Therapy Vs. Chemotherapy

Both cancer treatment methods are highly effective. The only difference is that chemotherapy also destroys healthy cells, which is avoided by targeted therapy.

Targeted Therapy

However, you shouldn’t consider it as an advantage: healthy cells not affected by targeted therapy can give the cancer cells a way back. That’s the reason why most doctors agree that these methods become a perfect combination.

Are the U.S. and Canada Ready for Targeted Therapy?

The answer is, “yes.” Targeted therapy is a precise cancer treatment option — a personalized innovation destined to wipe off the disease with as much effort as it is possible. Besides, when it comes to a patient who has nothing else to lose, a therapy like this can be the only way out, and modern medicine and pharmaceutical industry in Canada and in the U.S. are ready for the challenge.

However, it’s only the technical side of the question. Other challenges targeted therapy will have to withstand before it becomes available not only in North and South America but all over the globe.

It Needs Special Handling

It’s a relatively new type of anti-cancer therapy, and not all side effects are still clear. People suffering from complex conditions and already dealing with complex medication therapies might experience unwanted results that will bring more trouble.

Special handling is needed throughout the long way to the full or at least partial recovery. Precautions should be taken:

  • You’ll have to make many blood tests and get through numerous medical check-ups before you’re allowed to deal with the targeted therapy.
  • You’ll have to be very precise about the regular visits to your doctor — targeted therapy demands a lot of responsibility and patience.

There’s a range of targeted therapy rules you should study before you proceed with the medication course.

It’s Pricey

No wonder that this type of cancer treatment is very costly. The drugs included in your medication course can be very expensive. Besides, many of the meds a patient might need are not included in the list approved by the medical insurance.

  • Don’t forget to specify the prices on the meds from your medical practitioner to avoid confusion in the pharmacy;
  • Get in touch with the American Cancer Society to find out more about the financing of your medication course.

It Requires Further Research

This type of cancer treatment is still in the process of development. Chemotherapy is a lot more straightforward. We can’t say the same about Targeted therapy. The trouble is that a human body is not an exact map where each tiny space and target is clearly placed.

The so-called targets the laboratory researchers are interested in are hidden deep within our genes. Genome is a tiny universe that is still unknown till the end. Nevertheless, targeted therapy is a huge step forward in matters of cancer treatment. It can be the key to the survival of numerous generations.

One of the best things about the studies of targeted therapy is that it gives way to new solutions about other illnesses and diseases. Canadian researchers have managed to use targeted therapy on newborn babies to prevent them from further development of diabetes.

Targeted Therapy in Canada & the USA: Bottom Line

Treatment on a molecular level is one of the most prospective ways to a more-effective medicine for anyone. However, it is still not studied until the end, which makes it expensive. Nevertheless, if you are not limited financially, it’s better to try your luck than ignore the situation. Targeted therapy is:

  • A flexible therapy;
  • A perfect combination with the other types of therapies;
  • A sophisticated genomic tool, capable of incredible discoveries in pharmacy and medicine.

We can only be optimistic about the potential of targeted therapy. They will let a patient’s body demonstrate a better response thanks to the lower toxicity.

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