Interview With Our Specialist: Fresh Thinking to Lower Healthcare Costs

CHCM Interview$80 – that is a sum spent on average by an American monthly for buying medical preparation. Surely, this number may easily grow up to $1,000 if a person has an emergency medical case, suffers from chronic disorders or just needs to have a surgery. And we don’t even want to mention dentists who charge up to $150 per one visit. No wonder that many people with scarce or modest family budgets are constantly looking for the ways to save money on monthly refills or purchases of required medications.

Canadian Health&Care Mall’s mission is to help these people in every way possible. Customers who use the website of Canadian Health and Care Mall may significantly save on every purchase of any medications from the vast catalog.

The team experts like Brad Jackson, MD, try to do their best to explain newcomers how the system of discounts works. That’s why we asked Brad the commonly asked questions and he gave detailed answers on how you may get cheaper drugs of the same quality.

Can customers of Canadian Health&Care Mall get regular sales?

Many pharmacy networks organize regular sales of certain drugs. There you can buy in advance something for a home first-aid kit, such as vitamins, anti-cold drugs, patches, etc. Even if you don’t like the current offers by CHCM, please check at least a few online pharmacies and compare the prices before making an order. Regular sales are very common on our website. Practically everyone can use these discounts for their benefits and buy as many medications as they need, without any limits.

How does the Loyal Program of CHCM work?

I personally think that our network is the best place to be a regular user because this category of customers gets many deals if not daily but weekly. I strongly recommend to all newcomers join the Loyalty Program of CHCM. Because the participants will get instant discounts and personal bonuses for each purchase. Check the website to catch more details.

How to get the best deals?

Canadian Health&Care Mall gives a chance to track down all discounts and deals. There is a system of notifications for subscribers by email. There are so-called “happy hours” when certain meds get red-flagged price tags – up to 70% of discount for a very limited time period. Surely, email notifications will help to track down such offers. Do not forget that discounts and deals are updated almost every day.

Is it really more profitable to buy generics than branded pills?

Well, generics are definitely cheaper. I won’t argue with this. And yes, generics are almost always identical to branded pills. They are based on the same active substance, only the manufacturer’s additives differ. That is the reason why people never use generics – they have never heard of them. For some people generics are really getting the best alternative to branded meds.

Is it possible to buy in bulk from our company?

This advice is relevant for patients with chronic diseases who are forced to take any drugs constantly or for a long time. In this case, you can use the services to allow you ordering small wholesale goods at attractive prices. Extra bonus – the delivery of the pharmacy order is convenient for a buyer. Often, within the framework of such services, there is a special price for customers who are ordering over a certain amount to save a lot.

What if you just want to sell me as many drugs as possible, at any cost? Should I trust your opinion?

You are a free person and can do whatever you want. We just offers you the catalog of popular drugs and you may choose whether to buy from us or not. All online consultations are free of charge. We have guarantees that all consultants are healthcare providers with many years of practical experience. Our experts get money just like the pharmacists in regular drugstores. And you got used to trust the opinion of the pharmacists, right?

We never say buy this or that medication because it’s more expensive or well-known. On the contrary, we tell people about analogs and more affordable generics. Our mission is to build an international community of loyal customers who will come back for discounts and our shipping service, quality products and affordable medications for their families.

Most online pharmacies will make a fool of you, we are interested in making the best impression so you would return and order from us on a regular basis. Canadian Health&Care Mall strives to become your reliable guide in the world of online pharmacies and Internet sales of medications. We would appreciate if you give our team a try and we’ll do our best to leave that good impression.

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