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Canadian Health&Care Mall is one of the largest and widely visited online services available on the Internet. And there is an obvious reason why most customers and patients choose us: we’re not just another healthcare advisor, but the best one in the sphere. Along with tips and recommendations on medications search we present objective up-to-date information and facts for consumers and healthcare professionals. So, if you lack experience or education, gaining both of them is easier, if you are with Canadian HealthCare Mall.

Reasons Why People Don`t Go to the Doctor


Among other things that made us become a reliable source of information is the fact that both men and women don’t turn to their doctors timely. They wait till the condition reaches its final stage accompanied by numerous severe symptoms OR they are looking for the answers all over the Internet. Our specialists have defined five main reasons why most patients don’t go to the doctor after the first symptoms and complications appear:

  1. they are afraid of examination. Most readers believe that women are afraid of inappropriate conversations and contacts more than men. However, things are quite the opposite, especially when it comes to sexual dysfunction. They are afraid of frank conversations more than having their balls examined. This is manly why they look for answers on different websites and CHCM is in the list;
  2. they feel fine. Whatever symptoms occur, there’s one universal phrase that most patients use, ‘I’m OK’. They state they feel fine even when cholesterol levels are high, blood pressure goes down or up, the blood sugar level is elevated or they experience terrible migraines;
  3. they can’t find convenient office hours. In this busy world that we live in it is harder to find time rather than place: you can find a great specialist, who could help in health improvement, but you can hardly find free time to make an appointment;
  4. they are embarrassed. It’s not that they are embarrassed of the condition itself, but because of the fact they didn’t prevent it or addressed a professional on a final stage. Preventive measures are usually neglected by all of us. Yet, it’s not that easy to admit the fact you failed;
  5. they lack understanding with a physician. It’s possible to find a real professional, but if a patient isn’t attached to him, there appears a barrier that is difficult to overcome.

Canadian Health and Care Mall: Goal and Mission Statement


Our team members believe that health information is everyone’s universal right. And you are free to obtain new knowledge via various sources. However, as long as the Internet is the quickest and the most convenient one, Canadian Health&Care Mall is committed to providing accurate, usable and accessible medical info on various health conditions, their treatment (pills, mixtures, home remedies), etc.

What’s our vision? It’s of triple nature:

  1. creating new standards on getting reliable and trustworthy information in research, education and patient care;
  2. making a great difference on life quality;
  3. adding to a healthy generation.

We believe that this service has a responsibility to share current medical information to make your decisions wise and timely, enhance relationships between healthcare providers and their patients as well as improve the treatment outcomes around the globe.

What Does Canadian Health&Care Mall do For Users?

To begin with, we provide high quality and valuable information for managing one’s health and supporting those, who are fighting against common and severe health conditions. Our in-depth reference material touches upon subjects that really matter to you. All facts, researches and trials’ data are original and only from well-known pharmaceutical companies and independent research groups.

Experience, professional support and commitment allow us providing:

  • health news;
  • professional tips and recommendations;
  • description of treatment options and modern therapies;
  • up-to-date medical reference;
  • imagery and graphics;
  • suggestions on pills, their dosage, effects (positive and negative);
  • 24/7 customer support for learning more and specifying details.

Our team consists of board-certified physicians, nurses, professional medical journalists and trained moderators. We all are dedicated to providing valuable information daily and keeping you well-informed on the latest events, new improvements, etc.

We know audience’s needs, so Canadian Health and Care Mall always delivers the most significant and required info. Knowing the importance of issue understanding, its cure and prevention, we apply effort to let you know of all the ways to success.

Find What Interests You The Most

  • We can show you what a healthy lifestyle is! Here and now anyone without any serious health conditions can learn how to turn to a healthy lifestyle. Believe it or not, yet it will enhance both your professional and personal development!
  • CHCM helps forget about ED regardless of age. Aside from different medications, we offer reliable information on treating the condition if it was triggered by traumas, injuries, lifestyle and age. We’ll help in choosing the pills that are for you!
  • Are you really overweight? Change that right now! Find supplements that will help you. Learn what your healthy diet should include and lose pounds day by day!
  • Check clinical experience on treating diabetes type I and II. Use tips on how to live with a dangerous diagnosis.

We Listen, We Hear, We heed


Canadian Health and Care Mall team wants health care to work better for every of our users. Ensuring that with pill solely is quite tough. So, our work comprises two approaches: actual (providing medications) and secondary (providing information).

Who listens, hears and heeds? Our team does! We are more than professionals. We are risk-takers and challengers, curious minds and high performance specialists. Each and every does realize that his work will have a great impact on people’s lives. This is why we apply all efforts to use our experience and a solid record of accomplishments as well as sphere innovations to make people’s bodies and minds work better and longer.

Most of Canadian Pharmacy team members have spent years and careers dedicated to assisting people in improving their health via education, support and services. We believe that the Internet has a great potential in providing high quality health information and supporting the integrity and efficacy of the treatment course or any durable therapy. So, we never stop developing. New improvements are right at the corner, so we continue publishing new information to make your life better, easier and healthier, of course.

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