Vitamins & Supplements for Pregnant Women

It’s not going to be easy, but we want to help

Supplements for Pregnant WomenPregnancy can be one of the happiest and the most daunting experiences in a woman’s life. It all depends on the existing chronic conditions, tolerance for pains, the strength of the muscles and bones. Canadian Health&Care Mall specialists want to reassure you that pregnancy can be controlled, and your overall state can be improved with several simple steps.

There are obvious things you’ll have to follow: stay away from smoking and alcohol, forget about high-mercury products (seafood, for instance), and improve your dietary habits because now you share your body with a little person who has no developed immune system. You should become a containment bottle for your baby able to protect him from the dangers of the outside and give him birth without any trouble.

A proper amount of the right nutrients consumed every day will significantly improve your physical and emotional state. Both of you should have healthy and nutritious products regularly. Pregnancy makes your body want more nutrients. Your need for carbohydrates, fats, and proteins will increase, as well as the need for trace elements. A proper amount of these elements will boost the growth of cells. In addition to a well-planned diet discussed with a medical professional, you’ll have to add the following medications, vitamin, and supplements to your daily ration:

Prenatal Vitamins

These are multivitamins that will help your body stay in line with your body’s need for nutrients. Take them while being pregnant and in the period of lactation. By taking multivitamins in the process of pregnancy, you reduce the potential risks of premature birth.

Prenatal vitamins cannot be a replacement for proper eating habits. It means that you will have to follow your physician’s advice on your eating habits. Vitamins will boost the effect of your doctor’s advice. Prenatal vitamins are sold all over the world, and you can order them from one of the online Canadian Pharmacies.

B Vitamin (Folate)

Vitamin B is highly essential for the formation of your baby’s DNA. It also boosts up the production of red blood cells. Folate should be taken daily according to the prescription of your doctor. This supplement has no side effects and reduces the risks of neural tube defects. 400 mg of folate a day is an optimal amount.


This microelement is highly crucial as blood-making material. The volume of blood in the body of a pregnant woman is doubled. Iron is responsible for the transfer of oxygen through the blood vessels. This results in healthier growth of your baby. Iron is also useful for the placenta and fetus development. 27 mg iron a day will be sufficient to stay away from anemia and general weaknesses.

You should be careful not to overdose. Iron in excessive doses can provoke abnormally high hemoglobin levels. This may result in problems with the stomach, vomiting, and constipation.

Vitamin D

This vitamin will help your body produce new cells by boosting their division. It’s useful for your bones and general immune function of the body. If your body experiences the deficiency of vitamin D, you might suffer from gestational diabetes or preeclampsia. 600 IU of vitamin D a day will be enough during pregnancy. Daily intake of vitamin D, as well as proper supplementation, should be discussed with your doctor.


This microelement is one of the most active in the development of nervous system functionality, many chemical reactions in the body, and muscles. The immune system is partially affected by Magnesium. If you don’t want to suffer from hypertension during pregnancy, and if you’re willing to avoid premature birth, take Magnesium following the recommendation of your doctor.


That’s a herbal supplement that will easily beat nausea that you experience during pregnancy. Ginger is a useful, safe, and healthy product often prescribed to patients suffering from motion sickness and chemotherapy.

Pregnant women will be happy to know that ginger decreases the risks of vomiting and nausea. The maximum safe dose of ginger is not calculated yet. Make sure you don’t suffer from intolerance to ginger before you add it to your daily ration.

Fish Oil

There are essential fatty acids in fish oil. They are accommodating in the development of the brain. Besides, fish oil is good for dealing with maternal depressions. Fish oil regularly taken during pregnancy develops the cognitive function of your baby. 800 mg of fish oil in capsules is a sufficient amount for fetal development. There’s also a possibility to get fish oil through foods. Try low-mercury seafood like sardines or salmon a couple of times per week.


These are living microorganisms without any side effects. They will be perfect for the digestion, and they will help you deal with stomach pains constipation during pregnancy. Most studies have proved that prebiotics is safe and have no harmful effects. Besides, if you take probiotics regularly, you’ll reduce the risks of dermatitis and eczema development. Probiotics are also helpful in helping you avoid postpartum depression and gestational diabetes.

Bottom Line

Most vitamins and supplements destined to help your baby develop while you are pregnant are safe. Prenatal vitamins, iron, and folate are useful for all people no matter whether they are pregnant or not. Any supplement or vitamin should be discussed with your physician. We cannot be responsible if you suffer from your self-treatment. Make sure you are careful with the medicines you take because you’re not the sole owner of your body now.

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