4 Best Under-Radar ED Treatments

Pills, whose comparison you can find here, are not the only way to medically treat erectile dysfunction. Meanwhile, there are also some other products that can sometimes deliver even faster and in some cases better results. In addition to the known potency pills, such as Cialis, Levitra, Viagra and Spedra, there are urethral suppositories, injections, creams and chewable tablets.

These products augment the ever-expanding range of impotence treatment products, making it increasingly to find the right product for you.

Canadian Health&Care Mall Surveys 4 Best Under-Radar ED Treatments

Canadian Health&Care Mall prepared a summary of the products that are not issued as ordinary swallowing tablets:

  • MUSE
  • Caverject
  • Vitaros
  • Nipatra

MUSE: The Fastest-Acting ED Medication To Date

MUSE, manufactured by the Japanese company MEDA Pharmaceuticals, is one of the fastest-acting drugs for impotence. It was approved in 1997, the same year as Viagra, but is not as well-known as the blue pill because of its mode of administration.

MUSE is a urethral suppository, which means it is introduced into the urethra. While this may sound painful, for most users, it is no more than slightly uncomfortable with the first application and becomes less and less unpleasant, the more often it is used. After use, the penis is rolled between hands to circulate the solution.

The biggest benefit of this drug is the speed at which it works. In 5-10 minutes, the desired effect occurs, with Spedra, the fastest-acting potency pill, it can take between 15-30 minutes until the effect occurs.

A 1997 study, conducted on the effectiveness of urethral alprostadil treatment by urologists at the University of Southern California, found that approximately two-thirds of all users had erections that were strong and consistent enough for sexual intercourse. Less than one fifth of all users of a placebo achieved satisfactory erections. Another study carried out in London a year later showed similar results, with 64% of users seeing their potency improve.

Compared to other Potency products, MUSE does not perform poorly, its effectiveness is comparable to a low dose of Viagra (25mg), which is also effective in 63% of users. One of the disadvantages of MUSE is its duration of action. This is how Viagra and Levitra work for up to five hours, but MUSE only for an hour.

  • Conclusion: MUSE is the fastest-acting drug to treat impotence on the market and, once you’ve gotten used to the method of application, it’s easy to use, but it only works for an hour.

Caverject: IM Solution With Highest Efficiency Rate

This medication, like MUSE, is based on alprostadil, contains a synthetic version of prostaglandin. It is injected directly into the erectile tissue (the penis) and, thanks to its local application, ensures very fast results.

Caverject IM Solution With Highest Efficiency Rate

Caverject is available in two different shapes. The Caverject vials contain the active ingredient in the form of a powder, which must be mixed with the solution that comes with it. Caverject Dual Chamber is sold premixed. This drug is manufactured by Pfizer, the company that also developed Viagra.

Even if injection is not quite as discrete as a pill, it is probably just as effective. A study published in the British Journal of Urology International in 1999 showed that intravenous injections of alprostadil caused erections in more men (about 90 percent) than urethra, as with MUSE (about 60 percent) more discomfort was reported in this method. Pain in the penis is one of the most common side effects of Caverject.

Applying directly to the penis can be daunting for many, but as with the use of MUSE, use becomes easier with each application. One of the drawbacks of Caverject, like MUSE, is the length of the effect, which lasts about an hour.

  • Conclusion: Caverject works faster than any potency pill and has a very high rate of action in men, but the effect lasts only about an hour and the application may take some getting used to.

Nipatra: A Discreet Chewable ED Pill

This chewable ED pill from Mercury Pharma is probably the most discreet and simplest product on this list. It contains the same active ingredient as Viagra, a PDE5 inhibitor called sildenafil, and works in a similar way. Unlike the blue pill, Nipatra does not need to be taken with water. Clinical trials have found that the drug’s effect begins about 25 minutes after ingestion. It works slower than the other medicines on this list, as it is taken orally and must therefore first be digested by the body. The effect of Nipatra lasts for up to five hours.

  • Conclusion: Nipatra is a discrete, easy-to-use sexual enhancer, which lasts for up to five hours, with its effect begins after about 25 minutes.

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