How Is Levitra Different from Other Erectile Dysfunction Drugs?

How Is Levitra Different from Other Erectile Dysfunction Drugs?Levitra is more efficient than Viagra by 10 times and Cialis – by 13 times. How is it possible? It is well known that Viagra was always a №1 medication from this list. Moreover, Levitra is not only Viagra’s analogue, it is a modern improved and attested medication. Levitra efficiency was proven by scientists in Medical Center of University in Cologne.

This drug takes its action much earlier than its analogues: there were cases when a patient experienced medicine’s effect in 10 minutes after the intake. Maximal time required for natural erection is 25 minutes. Duration of Levitra action is not as high as Cialis’s. Nevertheless, 6-8 hours are quite enough for multiple sexual intercourses. And what is more important, Levitra causes less side-effects (they occur only in 2 per cent of cases).

Medical research of Levitra by German and British manufacturers has confirmed that Levitra takes its action in 50 per cent of cases, when traditional Viagra was not efficient. Also, it was proven that Levitra was effective in 70 per cent of men who underwent resection of prostatic gland and in 72 per cent of men suffering from diabetes. One of the most recent research studies of Levitra was conducted in the U.S. This medical trial included 200 patients suffering from ED at the age of 18-65 years. Within the course of one month, the first group of patients took Levitra, and the second one – placebo. 40 per cent of men has erectile dysfunction of different severity levels, and 30 per cent of patients suffering from severe form of ED.

While taking 10mg of Levitra before coitus, patients were able to enhance duration of sex from 6 to 12 minutes without any side-effects. In exceptional circumstances, men complained of blushing and headache. Resulting from the trials, it was exposed that Levitra 30-days therapy is able to prolong sexual intercourse by several times. All these medical trials confirm the highest efficiency of the drug. Nevertheless, Levitra has its particularities, and in case it is not suitable for a patient individually, Cialis or Viagra may work for him better.

Fundamental Advantages of Levitra

What are the attributes of ideal medication for ED therapy? Interviewing of average men conducted by leading European pharmaceutical holding Bayer has shown that the leading characteristics of such drugs are high performance, reliability, a little onset time, easiness of use and absolute harmlessness. It should be mentioned that Bayer pharmacists have developed an ideal medication, Levitra, the advantages of which are undeniable. As of today, these pills may be found at any drug store to improve sexual life of each man.

Key Levitra benefits are as follows:

  • Effectiveness and credibility surpass all other analogues that have the same impact mechanism. Modern medications treating erectile issues block PDE5 (the most important enzyme of phosphodiesterase type 5). Inhibition of this enzyme causes intensive blood supply to male genitals and guarantees perfect erection. Thus, vardenafil (active substance of Levitra) is 10 times more effective than sildenafil (main ingredient of Viagra) and 13 times more effective than tadalafil (Cialis’s crucial component). Due to its high efficiency, a man acquires the possibility to have normal sexual life. After Levitra administration, more than 90 per cent of men who suffered from issues do not them today. Also, Levitra is suitable for men with severe form of diabetes and for those who could not recover after treatment with Viagra. Due to its high performance, Levitra pills contain small dosage of vardenafil (just 10mg).
  • Levitra acts unexpectedly fast. Many men in different countries note that Levitra takes its action in 10 minutes after its intake.
  • Levitra is easy to use and has a considerable duration of action. The longer its action, the more spontaneous coitus may be. In this regard, Levitra is much better than Viagra. Levitra is efficient within 6-8 hours which is much longer than Viagra’s action period.
  • Reliability and high-quality of such medications as Levitra is sometimes doubtful. People think that in case the remedy is so strong, it should have loads of side-effects. But this is not the case with Levitra. This drug works only with one type of phosphodiesterase enzyme (PDE5). But phosphodiesterase enzyme influences not only functioning of sexual organs. For instance, it takes almost no effect on PDE6-function in eye retina, and PDE11 – in muscular tissue.
  • Sexual stimulants of bad quality may block many enzymes resulting in such effects as muscles tremor or vision impairment (after the intake of such medicine, a man may see all objects in blue or green colors). Vardenafil is active component of Levitra which was chosen among thousands of its analogues due to its high selectivity. The latter provides its highest standards of safety. Thus, in case a patient has potency issues and needs an ideal medication, it is worth considering Levitra.


ConclusionsLevitra has undeniably more benefits than other similar medications. It is quick-acting. Its effect appears within 15 minutes, but if you took a bite, Levitra’s action may slow only for one minute and the final result will be the same: sensitive and strong. Moreover, no alcoholic beverages can reduce the efficiency of the drug. This feature is highly important for those who prefer sex with beloved partner in the romantic atmosphere. A glass of champagne is an irreplaceable attribute of the romantic date.

Levitra helps to treat and restore sexual capacities. It is possible to take the medicine either in case of absolute impotency or weak erectile functioning. Moreover, neither age nor undergone and accompanying diseases may hinder this therapy. The results of administration are quite convincing for each patient.

Most men noted that after the first intake they decreased Levitra dose, since the effect of smaller dose was the same as in larger doses. The reaction is quite natural. Men feel arousal only in case of sexual stimulation. A man cannot feel erection without any type of stimulation. Therefore, sexual intercourse is quite natural, and excitement gradually disappears without causing any trouble.

Independence of age category is quite essential for men, since due to age alterations, sexual function gets less active as opposed to young people. All other systems and organs stumble. Nevertheless, elderly people should not be scared to take Levitra, since it is issued in various dosages. In case there are problems with any organ or system, one-time quantity of medication may be reduced. Therefore, no adverse effects occur, whereas erection is flawless. Levitra manufacturer reports that after its issue, potency problem is acknowledged not by 2 per cent of men as earlier, but by 18 per cent. It means that Levitra is interesting for men at all age groups.

It is noteworthy that Levitra has a variety of doses. This is an excellent advantage, since every person is individual. Some men need to enhance potency, some of them – to recover it, some of them need smaller doses due to diseases and organism weakness. With Levitra small-dosage pills, a man is able to reduce the consumption on his own.

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