Making Life Better. How Generics Improve the Way We Live

We all have problems with health. The older we get, the sicker we get. This is just the way things are. Some health issues are simply inevitable and we will face them at some point in our life. Companies like “Canadian Health&Care Mall” can be our saviors in this world full of diseases and troubling conditions. How? The answer is simple – cheap affordable generic drugs.

What Are Generics?

Ever heard of brand replicas made in SEA region? Those exact copies of brand clothes made with a license after the brand decided to start a new line of products? Slightly adjusted Adidas, Nike, and D&B jeans, snickers, and t-shirts are high quality products. The only issue is that the design may be outdates and the whole concept of replicated clothes may become less actual. However, the quality is usually top-notch.

Generic drugs have the same concept. The most notoriously successful generic compound is sildenafil more often know as Viagra. The license on this drug expired in 2013 and now everyone can start making Viagra which surprisingly cheap to produce. Dozens of manufacturers entered the race trying to deliver cheaper drugs to customers. However, land-based pharmacies and local retailers do not want to include these generic products in their trading networks. Why does it happen? Cheaper drugs mean more lases, don’t they?

The issue with that is lower profit per item. Land-based pharmacies simply don’t have enough customers and business geography to dish out numbers in the amount of items sold. They have to sell expensive stuff to make profit. This is why the vast majority of them opt to sell well-marketed expensive branded drugs. This results in higher prices for everyone. Ever wondered why a pill of Viagra costs like 40-50 bucks?

The manufacturers of branded drugs also play a big part in the process of pricing basically ripping off the end-user of the product. Sildenafil is a relatively cheap compound to produce and the price should be lower. However, brand company invested millions in developing, field-testing, and marketing the drug. They want their money back and then some. The drug has definitely paid back multiple times since its release in 1998 being the number 1 top-seller for a long time and bringing billions in revenue. Nonetheless, the price did not go down after a huge market success.

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Why Don’t They Lower the Prices?

Manufacturers know that they can rely on people’s fear. Claiming that only their products contain high quality compounds and that other manufacturers produce fakes, huge brands can charge a big buck for their goods and get away with it. At the same time, many local pharmacies simply do not offer generics and there is no competition for the brand drug. Having nearly no choice means having no freedom. Whenever you go to a pharmacy that has a limited array of brands, you put on shackles.

There are several key reasons why brands can keep their prices high:

  • The under-the-radar type of marketing for cheaper alternatives;
  • No competition on the local market;
  • Uninformed customers that don’t know about alternatives;
  • Partnerships with clinics, pharmacies, and standalone specialists that help selling;
  • Overall better quality of marketing.

The biggest issue on the list is not having enough information. There are quite reliable and famous pharmaceutical companies in the SEA region, India, and Turkey. These companies produce cheap affordable generic drugs providing alternatives for expensive medications like Viagra, Cialis, Celebrex, Prozac, etc. These pills are very expensive and may cost you a little fortune each months driving your bank account lower with each consecutive treatment period. At the same time, the vast majority of customers have never heard of cheaper replications of prescribed drugs they use.

Remember “Dallas Buyers Club”? Just like that but on a bigger scale.

Everyone Has Health Problems

While the notorious movie about people struggling to purchase drugs that can save their lives describes a very troubling issue with the medical care system in USA back in 60s-70s, the end of the 20th century brought another issue to the table. The better our world becomes, the longer we can, want, and should live. This means improving the quality of living, the way we eat, and using drugs we need.

Let’s talk about living better. Let’s talk about a man that wants to live better and healthier. He needs to incorporate some very important changes in many areas of life and nearly all of them can be enhanced or improved with appropriate drugs.

  • Working out. Regular physical activity is the key to a stronger and much healthier body. You will need proper nutrition, vitamins, glucosamine, chondroitin, and lots of other important supplements to keep your shape up.
  • Eating healthy and losing weight. Even a minor stage of obesity is a huge hit to your health. Losing weight is a dream of millions and drugs like Orlistat (Xenical) or Hoodia Gordonii Extract can drastically accelerate the rate of weight loss.
  • Keeping up sexual drive. Living a normal sexual life and enjoying the intimacy of relationships is truly important for everyone. Drugs like Women’s Viagra, generic Cialis, Viagra, and similar can enhance your life in a good way.
  • Preventing the inevitable. Some health issues are related to the natural process of aging and seem unpreventable. However, you can postpone and dramatically reduce the impact of these issues by using appropriate drugs. For example, Benign Prostate Hyperplasia affects 100% of men after 70. However, using alpha blockers regularly can postpone the condition.
  • Reacting to various issues. Inflammations, bacterial infections, pains, and other health issues can be reduced or fought off with NSAIDs, painkillers, and antibiotics. Having them at home is immensely important. Fencing off psychological problems is also very important and cheap antidepressants often become the only way to stabilize your mental condition.

You can find all of these drugs at websites like Canadian Health&Care Mall Being informed about possible alternatives is your basic civil rule. Many brands want you to be uninformed, overspending, and less picky. The first step outside the corporate control zone is your first step towards a better life.

Knowledge Is Power. Knowledge Is Life!

As mentioned previously, the most effectual aspect of intricate brand marketing is the fact that you don’t have an access to information about alternatives. Many people limit themselves and do not expand their field of view to really filter out the noise and take a look at the big picture.

In the vast majority of cases, the brand drug is based on a specific component that does not necessarily have a complicated structure. Sildenafil is a PDE5 inhibitor that has been studied and synthesized all over the world. The only legitimate reason why this drug has not been redundantly presented to the North American audience is that brand company had an exclusive right to distribute the compound named sildenafil under the brand of Viagra. The same goes for Cialis (tadalafil).

10 years of license is a fair period for a brand to establish itself and allow the manufacture to make profit. Today, other products enter the market. They contain the same active ingredient and often the same list of inactive ingredients. They are cheap and it is simply not efficient to fake them. It really is cheaper to just make the product the way it should be done.

This is something that people are not aware of. Whenever a huge corporation say that there are too many fakes in the market without calling out names and presenting actual evidence, you know that something does not smell right. The fishiest part here is that corporations just say that fakes exist, but they sadly cannot name specific drugs that customers should avoid. You know why? Because the vast majority of generics are legit drugs that are produced by respectable international pharmaceutical companies from Turkey, India, and Asia. They will sue you for any public defamation.

The Main Takeaway

Living a better life is possible and definitely affordable in the age of internet and e-Commerce. There are thousands of independent dealers and retailers that offer great discounts, bonuses, and cheap products. Choosing the best supplier is quite easy and allow you to purchase necessary medications for a very low price and treating health issues that you wanted to ignore in order to save money. You don’t have to compromise your own health to preserve your budget!

Use generic drugs, use services from companies like Canadian Health&Care Mall

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